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Introduction to free crash games

Although crash game gambling is not as old and common as playing poker, blackjack, or video slots, many players worldwide enjoy indulging themselves in crash games. These games come with pretty simple gameplay and can offer players great excitement where they are 'in control of the result'.

Did you know that you can play crash games completely for free at some top crash game gambling sites – and right here at Temple of Games? Read on to learn how free crash games work and what their benefits are.

About crash games

Crash game gambling is believed to have roots in traditional casino games like dice. However, online crash games are more modern, appearing for the first time sometime around 2015. This is around the same time that the first casinos accepting cryptocurrencies started emerging, and crash games are generally linked to crypto gambling with their 'provably fair technology'.

Crash games have different themes and rules, but typically involve a graph and changing betting odds. The best part is that they have flexible wagering limits, making them a good choice for high rollers and players who prefer placing low wagers alike. The main concept of crash games, and the reason behind the name, is to cash out before the game 'crashes' (and the player loses their stake).

Four main variations of crash games

Although there are many crash games out there, they are generally categorized into four main variations:

  • Line Crash: Crash games of this variation usually do not have many graphics but feature a line that keeps rising on a graph before it suddenly falls (crashes).
  • Rocket Crash: In this variation, a rocket-like element rises on an exponential curve before crashing.
  • Balloon Crash: This variation features a balloon that goes up and eventually bursts ("crashes").
  • Plane Crash: These games feature a plane that flies into space until it crashes.

How to play crash games online

If you wish to play crash gambling games, you'll be happy to know that the gameplay is simple. Despite the numerous types of online crash games that exist, they follow one basic rule: cash out before the crash occurs.

Let's use the crash game 'Aviator' as an example to better understand how crash games work. Aviator is a plane-themed game where you place your bets and watch the plane take off. The multiplier value increases as the plane flies into space, and you can cash out anytime. However, you lose your wager if you don't cash out before the plane crashes.

With such simple gameplay and rules, crash online games are fun, and you are in full control. Some crash games, like Aviator, even offer a multi-bet option, allowing players to place two simultaneous bets in a single game round.

Why play crash games for free?

Although most crash games casino sites feature their crash games for real money, you can also play them for fun in demo mode right here at Temple of Games. This means you can play for free without wagering any real money. But why would you want to play crash gambling games for free in the first place?

Practice the gameplay

Although crash game online gambling is straightforward, it is still a good idea to be familiar with the gameplay before playing for real money. This is where playing for free comes in.

With free crash games, you can practice for as long as you need to understand how the gameplay and features work. Once you are confident and if you wish, you can switch to the real money version, where you stand a chance to win money.

Test gaming strategies

Another reason to play crash games casino free version is to test different gaming strategies. If you are unfamiliar with the strategies you want to try, using them in real money gambling crash game titles could result in a lot of losses.

By testing the strategies in the free versions of the game before joining crash gambling sites real money, you can find which strategies you prefer at no risk.

Play for fun

Apart from these reasons, you can indulge in free crash game gambling just for the fun of it. Crash games are exciting and relaxing to play, and they may be the perfect pastime for you. You won't need to wager real money in order to enjoy the excitement, as the gameplay will work exactly the same in free modes.

Top crash games

When you enter the lobby of top online casinos with crash games, you will likely find several titles to choose from. However, some crash games are more popular than others. Here are some top online casino crash game titles you can try out:

  • Aviator
  • Space XY
  • Cappadocia
  • Zepplin
  • Lucky Jet
  • Jet X


Crash games are simple and fun to play, and in this guide, we've discussed everything you need to know about how to get started and which titles to check out. Remember that you can play free crash games on Temple of Games as a way to practice the gameplay and features.

Can I win money from free crash games?

No. Free gaming crash titles are only offered to be played for fun. If you want a chance to win real money, you must play real money crash games.

What is the objective of crash games?

While there are different crash game variations, the main objective is to cash out winnings from the game before it crashes.

What is the best crash game strategy?

There are different cash games gambling strategies, but none offer a 100% winning guarantee. It's often possible to use an auto cash out feature where the game can help you take your winnings before it crashes.

Why are crash games provably fair?

Legitimate crash games use sophisticated RNGs and are provably fair since players can verify the fairness of their bets. Some crash game titles have a field where you can see bets placed by other players, so you know they are not rigged to favor the casinos.

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