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How online bingo works

Bingo is a popular game of chance that has been around ever since the 1920s. Today, the game is played all over the world with everything from games used in school to charity games and large bingo parlors. While many might associate bingo as a game played in person with physical cards and numbers to cover, it has also made its way online in recent years.

Online bingo works just like land-based bingo, with all physical elements turned into virtual ones. When you play bingo online, you can buy bingo cards for a fixed price. These cards will be filled with numbers and the aim of the game is for your numbers to be called out. Depending on the variant you are playing and its rules, you might get a win from having all numbers only (cover-all) or for each line, number, or something else.

With online bingo, you normally don't have to worry about coloring your numbers and potentially missing out on one of the numbers called. Most games will cover your called numbers automatically, which in many ways makes online bingo a more relaxed game than the land-based counterpart. Additionally, you don't have to yell out "bingo" for the whole room to hear you – although you might still do so if the excitement gets to you!

Real-money vs. free bingo online

Due to the popularity of online bingo, many online casinos have introduced a bingo category or some bingo games on their platform. These are real-money games where players can potentially win real money, but they first have to deposit and bet real money in order to play. And to be able to do this, players have to register an account at a real-money online casino. While this is the preferred option for some players, far from everyone wishes to play with their own money. Luckily, there are other options available!

With free bingo online, it is possible to play virtual bingo games without any registration or deposits needed. These games are played in a so-called "demo mode" or "free play mode". In these versions, there are no real money wins to be won, and consequently no need to deposit real money to start playing. At the same time, the games work exactly like the real-money version with the same layout, gameplay, and rules.

Here at Temple of Games , you can start playing such games without any sort of registration needed. In our selection, you can browse bingo games with different themes and rules and try the ones you wish to. These free bingo games are perfect for players who do not wish to spend money on online gambling, or that wish to learn the gameplay risk-free. We offer online bingo variations from different game providers and in different versions. You can check our recommended games or use our filtering options to find the best match for your preferences.

Different bingo variants

If you think that bingo is a single game with only one version and set of rules, you are about to learn something new! Bingo is actually a game category that comes in several versions, with for example different numbers of balls in play and card layouts with more.

  • In the United States, 75-ball bingo is most common.
  • In the United Kingdom, 90-ball bingo is played.
  • There are also other versions, such as 80-ball bingo, 30-ball (speed bingo), and more.

The great thing about free bingo online is that you can try many different variants without having to worry about your spending. Online you might also find more unique versions that come with different themes, bonuses, or other characteristics that differentiate them from the traditional, land-based version of the game. Additionally, many bingo games are offered alongside various mini games or other online casino games. Play a bit of everything to find which versions and games you prefer the most.

Benefits of playing free bingo online

Playing online bingo can be really fun and by opting for free bingo games, you don't play with the risk of losing your money. This means that you can just focus on the game itself and enjoy it no matter the result. Playing the games for free in demo mode also comes with the following benefits, among others:

  • Try as many different versions you want
  • Play risk-free but with the same gameplay and excitement
  • Learn the rules and how each game works at your own pace
  • Play whenever and wherever you wish without having to wait for a real draw

No matter if you play with real money or for free, online bingo games have the great benefit that you can play from home or on the go as most games today are optimized for mobile play. With real money games though, there are normally draws at a certain time of the day, while with free versions you can click to reveal the results right away.

Does online bingo work the same as land-based bingo?

Yes, when playing bingo online, you will generally meet the same setup and rules as in land-based versions of the game. But instead of physical cards and balls, everything is shown virtually and updated automatically.

Is it possible to play bingo for free and win real money?

If you play bingo games for free in demo mode, you will not be able to win anything as it is played using play money. Some online casinos hand out bonuses that allow you to play for free in real-money versions of games, but you normally have to first deposit money to get such a bonus (meaning it is not 100% free).

Do I have to register an account to play free bingo online?

No, here at Temple of Games you can start playing online bingo for free right away without any registration. Simply browse our game selection of bingo games (and other games such as free slots and free roulette) and click on the games you wish to play.

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