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Scratch cards are fun to play, much thanks to the straightforward gameplay. They are categorized as instant-win games, which means your potential winnings are determined within seconds. And the best part is that the games do not require any special skills to play.

Did you know that it is possible to play scratch cards online? Online scratch card games are actually very popular, and you are likely to find some scratch games in the lobby of many top online casinos. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the physical and online versions of the game, starting with its history.

Scratch cards history and basics

Scratch cards' origin can be traced back to 1974 when they were invented by American computer scientists Daniel Bower and John Koza at Scientific Games Corporation. The duo was inspired to design the game after noticing how long it takes to decide winnings in traditional lotteries. They wanted to introduce an instant lottery game – and the solution became scratchcards.

The idea behind the traditional scratch cards is to hide potential prizes on a card with a latex coating. All a player needs to do is scratch the coating and instantly reveal the result. The concealed section of the card can feature symbols or numbers corresponding to a possible prize. The rules are normally described directly on the card.

Online scratch cards

While traditional scratch card games have existed since 1974, the online version started appearing sometime in 2010. Today, many top software providers design scratch card games featured in online casinos' lobbies. They are based on the physical games, but designed for a digital format.

Online scratch cards have become popular among players looking for quick results and easy gameplay. You can easily choose from a wide range of online scratch games with different themes and payouts, ready to play on your desktop or mobile devices.

How to play scratch cards

As mentioned earlier, scratch cards' gameplay is simple. Whether it's a traditional (physical) scratch card or the online version, the objective is to scratch off the concealed section of the card and reveal the symbols underneath. Normally, if you find at least three of the same symbols on a card, you win the prize the symbol corresponds to.

Due to how straightforward and fast scratch card gameplay is, it is categorized as an instant win game. In fact, some online casinos have an instant win games section in their lobby where you will find the available scratch cards.

Traditional scratch cards vs. online scratch cards

While online scratch cards are based on the physical game, there are a few differences between these two versions. First of all, when playing the traditional/physical version, you must purchase an actual card (usually a thin paper-based card) and scratch off the silver latex coating yourself. If you win anything, you will normally need to hand in your physical card again to receive your prize.

However, with online scratch cards, everything is digital. This means you only get a digital representation of the card and can reveal the potential hidden prizes by moving your mouse (for desktop computers) or rubbing your fingers (for touch-screen-enabled devices) over the card. If a prize is revealed, you will win it instantly.

Apart from this major difference, another variation between these two versions is that traditional scratch cards have fewer themes than the online version. Online, it is possible to find scratch card titles themed after popular movies, musical bands, and lots of other themes, but the design and themes of physical scratch card versions are usually more limited.

Why play scratch cards online

There are many benefits of enjoying scratch cards online. First, you can easily reveal your potential prizes and won't need to go through the stress of peeling off any latex coating, which sometimes even damages the card. Besides, with online scratch cards, you can get your winnings instantly. Once you reveal three or more symbols, you get paid the value of the prize in your casino account and can withdraw it instantly.

Another reason you should consider playing scratch cards online is that a broader selection is available. For example, some top online casinos feature hundreds of scratch card titles, and you can easily find one to suit your preference.

Online scratch cards also offer players the opportunity to claim bonuses, which are not available in the traditional version. For example, when you play at a top scratch card site, you can take advantage of bonuses like free playing credits on scratch card games.

  • Reveal your potential prize instantly
  • Eliminates the stress of scratching and potentially damaging a physical card
  • Low playing cost compared to other casino games
  • Get winnings instantly
  • Choose from a diverse selection of scratch card games
  • Claim bonuses

Important factors of online scratch cards

Like every casino game, there are some important aspects you should consider before playing scratch cards online. Taking note of these aspects can help you decide the best scratch card titles to play and those to avoid.

  • Return to player percentage (RTP)
    This is the theoretical percentage of the overall bets placed on a scratch card game that will be paid as winnings over time. When selecting a game, it is best to go for those with higher RTPs, as they offer theoretically more payouts in the long run. So, for instance, if you can choose between a scratch card with 85% RTP and one with 95% RTP, the latter is considered a better choice.
  • Volatility
    Like in online slots, volatility is a factor in scratch cards. It represents the risk of playing the game relative to winning from it. If you are a high-risk person that wants to win big, you can try out high-volatility scratch cards that may offer high winnings. However, if you are a low-risk person, then you should try low-volatility scratch card games instead for more frequent (though smaller) wins.
  • Random number generator
    Online scratch card games use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to randomize outcomes. This makes the games fair, and every player has the same chance of winning. To ensure fair results, make sure to only play scratch cards from reputable game providers at safe and licensed platforms.


In this guide, we've given you an introduction to scratch cards, from the game's history to how it works. Remember, to enjoy the best experience playing scratch cards, you should play at a top online casino. Also, do not forget to consider factors like RTP and volatility when choosing a scratch card game. Finally, you can even play free scratch cards to become familiar with the gameplay and enjoy the excitement without any risk.

Can I win money playing online scratch cards?

Yes. When you play the real money version of a scratch game online, you can win money usually by revealing three or more same symbols, icons, or numbers.

Are there scratch card bonuses?

Yes. Some top scratch card sites offer bonuses specific to scratch card games. These include welcome bonuses, free playing credits, and so on.

How do I play scratch cards online?

Register with a scratch card site, load a scratch game, or purchase an online scratch card and reveal the symbols in the hidden panel of the card. You can also play for free right here at Temple of Games.

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